Amazing Barrington Saga Videos

Bug Cafe

In the late 70's PhD student Doug Whitman began the tradition of the Bug Cafe.  Whitman is now Professor of Entomology at Illinois State University
Onngh Yonngh-atrong

Rare video of early mechanical Onngh yonngh atrong circa 1986-7 from Christian Soto video

Barrington Rapper

Barrington rapper tells of the pushers and junkies in Barrington when the President
was telling the City that the place was clean. Circia 1986 after Hell Summer of 85,
from Christian Soto video.


Heroin in Barroington. In Hell Summer of 85 house was substantially empty after the Elsmere Arbitration. People were renting suites for heroin.  Please got totally out of control

Aids in Barrington

After Hell Summer of 85 a heroin user who was claimed to have shared needles
with folks in Barrington died from Aids.
Trouble After LSD Party

Seven go to hospital after Wine Dinner, aka Spike with LSD Wine Punch put Barrington back on the hot seat again. What else is new?

Troubled Barrington Hall

Neighbors on Barrington's case again, and again, and again.
Riot in People's Park

Police set off roit when arresting homeless guy.

Barrington in 1989

Barrington as it was in Spring of 1989
Bev and Seb Go In

Bev and Seb go into Barrington, while Banjo Boy plays.

Barrington Roof

Barringtonians loved to hang out on the roof right over our house. During the last "Wine Dinner" they "air mailed" a washing machine onto our roof.
Looking down  into Bev & Seb's Yard

Towering over our house, Barrintonians hung out on the roof - often throwing bottles or peeing or sending flying washing machines onto our roof.

Restraining Order

The Coop attempted to evict the Barringtonians. 18 refused to move and were called the  "Hold-Overs". In response to the washing machine and paint thrown on our house, the Judge granted an Injunction form bieng on the roof and the Coop got a restraining order, which they violated.
Poetry Reading Goes WIld

The security guard determined that the Poetry Reading was a violation of the restraining order and called the cops. Soon the clash turned violent. 3/3/90

Riot and Press Press Conference

More on the riot. Next day there was a Police Press Conference in Berkeley City Hall - which a Barringtonian jumped into the chair and grabbed the mike to take over the conference.
Neighbor Video of Riot in Front of Bev and Seb's House

Most of the action in the riot, including the riot cops standing in rows, was in front of our house.

Juan Mendoza Goes Off the Roof

Mendoza was one of the 18 hold-overs. A week after the riot he went off the Barrington roof,landing 25 feet from the building [not reported here - see book] in the parking lot. His mother said Juan had called three days before he died and said, "Mama, if anything happens to me - investigate." Tho his mother pressed, there is little investigation, with the police saying it was suicide. Who killed Juan Mendoza? Clue: Security guards were off-duty cops. Cops hated the hold-overs. WHo can quash an investigation of a "suspicious" death?

Plywood Goes Up

Three days after Juan went off the roof Barrington, the holdover vacated voluntarily and Barirngton was boarded up.